A Few Words from Our Clients

Man am I glad I found Cody and Storey Fitness.  in just 3 months, I’ve lost almost 30 lbs and feel better than I have felt for a long, long time.  His methods and fairness have been incredible.  His understanding of the human body and what types of exercises and training fit best with my lifestyle and what my goals are — was refreshing.  I highly recommend him to anyone that is ready to make a change.  All it takes is an open mind, listening and the desire to want more out of your body, mind and soul.  Thanks Cody.

Ryan F.

My job is physically demanding, highly stressful and often dangerous, it’s not unusual for me to work an 80 hr week. And yet in the short time I’ve been been with Storey Fitness I sleep better, feel better, ache less, think more clearly, my appetite has improved, my clothes fit differently and my sex drive is up (you gotta reap ALL the benefits). I am humbled at what’s unfolding and excited to see where I can go, for me it’s spiritual fitness.

Matt B.

How can I take the experience which is Storey Fitness and condense it into mere words? Storey Fitness is not swoll. Storey Fitness is not hype. Storey Fitness is heart-centered and challenging. Storey Fitness raises the bar and gives you the tools and instruction to push past your limits. Storey Fitness is warm, friendly, supportive, fun, hella interesting, and always flipping the script.

Passion Fruit

It’s been over six weeks now and I am feeling stronger and better every workout. I love that I am challenged to push myself in the right way without anything feeling impossible so I leave each class confident and energized but thoroughly worked out. The instructors (we’ve mostly worked with Cody, Jeffrey and Fin) are all so knowledgeable and most importantly, are great motivators! They know how to explain movements in a way so you can better understand them and perfect the quality of each aspect and they are always very participatory. I feel like I am always encouraged to work towards the same goals as everyone but at my own skill and comfort level, which isn’t always the case with other fitness disciplines. Plus, for what it’s worth, the music selection is always amazing to keep me focused and in the zone.

Matt N.

Oh and get this … his training is actually GOOD for your body both inside and out. He focuses on the insides first with joint mobility to prepare your body for the work you will be doing. Then all the magic starts moving out to make your body beautiful and strong

Lauren M.

He’s done more for me than doctors and chiropractors were able to do with me after looking at MRIs!

Ivy E.

No machines, no shoes, just you and a willingness to work. We now feel empowered with the progress we have made in these past months with the Kettlebells/Clubbells and we are looking forward to joining in the Tactfit group classes soon. The hubby has gone from 175lbs to 140 since Jan and I have since rediscovered my skinny jeans. We go 2-3 times a week and each session is completely different.

V V.

Storey Fitness is a game changer baby! Cody Storey has changed my life indefinitely and I cannot express in words my gratitude. With his help and guidance I went from a professional couch potato with a PhD in fried food to one Tough Mudder! My body continues to transform and altogether I’m down around a 100 pounds and a lot of the credit goes to this man. All I needed was willingness and discipline. With Storey Fitness you get a coach that works with you on every level, for a holistic experience.

Marcus A.