Shawn Silva

Shawn Silva is a certified C.S.T., (Circular Strength Training) Instructor and TACFIT (Tactical Fitness) Instructor. He has always had a passion for fitness & training. Through dedication and discipline he built a training practice based on finding what worked best for him. During this process he discovered that he could help others find a way to become stronger, healthy, and more fit versions of themselves.

Being a father of two he definitely knows what it’s like to balance his family and career, while sustaining training in the mist of chaos. From this busy and stressful fast paced lifestyle raising his children he’s truly learned and embodied the importance of being the healthiest he can possibly be. Tacfit came at a perfect time in his life, it has allowed him the ability to be of service and care for others while facing the daily challenges that can arise at any instance.

There is nothing more important than your health.

Shawn S.