• Method

    Storey Fitness Teaches Movement.


The act, process or result of moving. 

  • Act

    Start with an open mind and then decide to let your body move the way it was intended to.


  • Process

    Storey Fitness teaches a series of simple, leading to complex, movements along with Circular Strength Training and Tacfit methods to unlock your body’s true potential.

  • Result

    Each body is unique. Therefore the results are in the body of the beholder. It only takes the first step to help your body remember what it was built to do – move.

Output is always dependent on input.

If you are looking for a “get fit quick” routine – Storey Fitness isn’t for you. This takes work, dedication and an open mind. It consists of a completely customized, systematic and sustainable approach designed to change your life. But you have to want it and will need to work to obtain it.

Storey Fitness raises the bar and gives you the tools and instruction to push past your limits. Storey Fitness is warm, friendly, supportive, fun, hella interesting, and always flipping the script.

Passion F.Storey Fitness Client