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    Cody Storey & Emily Seeboonruang

Cody Storey

Cody Storey is a certified Clubbell Athletics Coach, Tacfit “Tactical Fitness” coach, C.S.T. “Circular Strength Training” coach, Kettlebell specialist and F.R.C. “Functional Range Conditioning” Mobility Specialist.

As the first private training studio in Los Angeles specializing in TACFIT classes and one-on-one C.S.T. methods, Cody and his unique vision are leading the charge within the rapidly growing counter-culture of individuals that want a more holistic and sustainable approach to personal training and classes — something that conventional fitness training doesn’t provide.

At the core, Cody helps to unlock his students true potential through acute attention to detail that is specific to each individual and class.

What truly separates Storey Fitness from mainstream gyms and fitness studios is Cody’s focus on a health first movement based training system.

It is our mission to help transform and enhance the well-being of your life by implementing a system of fitness that will allow the body and mind to thrive – making healthful living a lifestyle – not just a fad.

You can also find Cody as a featured personal trainer on DailyBurn.com – which can be used as a tool to train whenever and wherever.

Emily Seeboonruang

Emily Seeboonruang is an Air Force Veteran who served in Baghdad in 2010. During her training for her deployment, she was dedicated to being in the best possible shape while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  She is so passionate and disciplined in her approach to achieve her fitness goals that when she was in bootcamp, she got caught during ‘lights out’ by her training instructor who penned her with the nickname of “Miss Pilates”. As a fitness instructor and cook for the Air Force, the experience of helping others get into shape and providing nutritious food to her cohort reinforced her love for transforming the lives of others.

Holding a B.S. in Kinesiology, Emily has a tremendous passion for health & movement. She has helped countless friends, family, and clients lead a healthy lifestyle. Promoting physical movement has always been part of her life, whether it was playing tennis for her high school team, or doing yard work at her ranch house in the San Fernando Valley, she has always enjoyed helping others get fit.

As an avid backcountry hiker and nature girl, Emily finds ways to reconnect back to the natural environment with trips to the idyllic lands of Colorado or local getaways to the Angeles Forest. She always finds a balance in her city LA life with love for the outdoors.

Emily has had the privilege to train under Cody Storey’s tutelage, learning the foundations of strength training & conditioning, and how to customize a client’s training program, including regressions and progressions. Emily deeply understands that there are ranges of motion required to do certain exercises and holds safety on the highest pedestal for her clients to practice training safely and effectively.


B.S. Kinesiology
FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) mobility specialist
FRA (Functional Range Assessment)
200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher